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The company Brachet

High technology & quality

The BRACHET company is specialised in the bottling and labelling of Champagne bottles and sparkling or still wines.


Bruno Brachet created the company in 2006 in Bouzy. But he has been working in the world of wine-growing equipment for more than 30 years. Today, the company works with more than a thousand customers.

It is a team of specialists, dedicated and forward-looking within a human-sized structure.

Located in the heart of the Champagne region (10 km from Epernay and 15 km from Reims), it offers you a wide range of small and medium-sized wine-making equipment:

Winery equipment


After-sales service and our team

We also have a quality after-sales service, our technicians are also at your disposal for an estimate or a repair on your current machines, also at your disposal parts and rubber membranes for capping machines. The technicians are all multi-skilled (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, lathe, milling, automation…), have a thorough knowledge of the trade, and master the field of bottling and bottle labelling.