Accompanied by professionals, we can help you to create, design and realize your personalized cardboards, adhesive rolls for cardboards and our boxes and personalized cases.

This global offer allows you to acquire consumables whose quality has been rigorously studied.

Personalized cardboard

A wide range of cases specially designed for the wine industry.

This includes bulk cases, double fluted shipping cases with molded inserts or trays, wooden case or luxury box overpacks, and automatic cases or boxes from 1 to 6 bottles. These have a great resistance to stacking and shocks. We offer you this wide range of Champagne cases, with prints up to 4 colors.

Bottle cases and wooden boxes

The personalization of your boxes

For your different vintages, we also offer the creation of personalized wooden boxes and crates.

Stretch film

For pallet

We provide you with stretch film for pallets and boxes…

To make a success of your pallets, choose the film corresponding to your needs: The stretch film that we propose is very resistant, your loads will be perfectly maintained! Available for wrapping machine or manual, customization possible.

Adhesive rolls

Design and realization of your personalized or neutral adhesive rolls for Champagne boxes, or palletization.

PVC or Polypro rolls, in small rolls of 100 m or big rolls for carton closing machines.

Declination : white, havana, transparent, Kraft.

Grooved adhesive rolls, allowing a perfect cut of the adhesive by a closing machine or with a manual dispenser.

New : Kraft adhesive paper.