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Filming machine

The versatile solution for the most common pallet wrapping needs.
OneWrap is a semi-automatic machine for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film. It can be equipped with mechanical brakes/
electromagnetic or motorized pre-stretching.


Elegant and modern panel design with easily understandable icons.

OneWrap can be programmed with up to 10 different programs, allowing a constant wrapping cycle for a given product. The machine has 5 different operating modes:

  • Automatic upwards only and upwards and downwards
  • Automatic upward only and Top and Bottom with standby for top sheet
  • Manual mode.
  • Different speed of the cart during ascent and descent.
    • Top sheet application cycle with programmable amount of carriage descent before pause (timer).
  • Winding quantity programmable from the panel (timer)
  • Reinforcement loops independent of the speed of the turntable (actual number of loops).
  • Cycle can be stopped at any time and then continued, which is useful for corner protection application.
  • A large screen with two digits to view the parameters to be set:
    speeds, number of loops, film tension, winding, error code displays.

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