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Opening on a know-how

In response to the cancellation of the Viti VIni, the Brachet company organized three days of open houses. Receiving my clients in its premises was a great opportunity to show its professionalism in action.

Usually he stays at the Viti Vini for three days. Bruno Brachet appreciates this appointment to exchange his clients and meet new ones. Above all, it is an opportunity to showcase his know-how. “This year, we organized open doors so as not to lose this link with customers. They were able to discover our machines running as they do in production”, announces the manager. From 13 to 15 October, he opened his premises. Premises that have just been modernized. “We have almost tripled the surface area of the machine shop, designed a machining room, created a showroom and increased the storage area”, he lists.

50% new contacts

With all these changes, the Brachet company proves that its ambition “remains to innovate and respond to ever more specific demands”. The manager wishes to “reassure” and to take advantage of it to demonstrate “the professionalism” of his team. During three days, the company exhibited all its range of machines: bottle washer-dryer, bottle polisher, cap dispenser, semi-automatic and automatic adhesive labeling machine of different speeds, carton closing machine, pallet wrapping machine. And all the tabletop machines: cap crimper, tabletop labeller, gluer… “We met people from the Champagne region, but also from Alsace, brewers, and even lemonade manufacturers”, says Bruno Brachet. Nearly 50% of new contacts were made. The demand being very varied, it is difficult to perceive a machine “more attractive” than the others. However, many of them watched the bottle polisher in operation? It is a patented innovation. It replaces the rag with an automated operation to polish the bottle before labelling. “It’s a compact machine. It is equipped with a high-performance particle and dust suction system,” says Brachet’s manager. The polishing machine is suitable for half bottles as well as magnums, but also for special bottles. It is an ecological solution, since it does not use any product.

Customized solutions

“Many customers have taken a close look at our labeling machines, such as the ACL3 Champagne, which is a simple, reliable and compact automatic labeling unit,” says Bruno Brachet. Special bottles and conical bottles can be labeled on it. The latest know-how that has not failed to appeal to winegrowers: the whole range of cartons, cases, boxes, adhesive rolls, etc… They can be neutral or customizable. This activity is growing because customers are now well aware of the importance of everything around the bottle.

Anne Verzeaux