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Semi-Automatic Adhesive Labeler ASTRA 1000

Evolutive ASTRA 1000. Semi-automatic self-adhesive labeling machine for capping, application of an adhesive label and collar (options against adhesive label and medallion).

Semi-automatic self-adhesive labeling machine, born from the experience of specialists in the field of packaging.

The scalable ASTRA 1000 labeller has the possibility to receive 4 independent stations:

  • the application of the adhesive label
  • the installation of the champagne collar
  • the adhesive back label
  • the adhesive medallion

Caractéristiques techniques

Speed 0 to 1000 Bottles / hour
Power 0.55 Kw
Air consumption 20 m3 / hour
Weight 300 Kg
Supply voltage 380 V tri + terre