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Automatic adhesive monoblock PRIMA Champagne

The labeling machine PRIMA CHAMPAGNE has been designed to meet your needs, it can easily dress different sizes of 1/1, half-bottles, 2/1 and special bottles (1300 B/Hour).

The bottle is caught in a worm screw, facilitating its passage to the cap dispenser, which is integrated into the machine. The bottle is then oriented by U.V. cells, the crimping is carried out by two pre-crimping and smoothing heads.

Caractéristiques techniques

Cadence 1 300 B/heure
Diamètre bouteilles 60 à 120 mm
Consommation électrique 1,5 Kw
Consommation d’air env. 20 M3/heure
Tension électrique 380 V 50 H